ECM implementation within the largest chemical company in the world

In today’s highly competitive business environment, effective service management is essential for large companies to stay ahead of the curve. One such market leader in the chemical industry has implemented our very own service management software product, Enterprise Controlling and Monitoring (ECM).

How it all started?

With one of the largest warehouses, this chemical company needed a solution to streamline its service management processes, and the ECM software was just the solution they were looking for. The software not only helped them improve the efficiency of their warehouse operations but also enhanced their overall decision-making capabilities.

Key features

One of the key features of the ECM software is its ability to manage service requests in the warehouse. With this software, the chemical company was able to automate its service management processes, which resulted in a significant reduction in downtime and increased productivity. This was achieved by quickly identifying issues and initiating corrective action, which minimized the impact on the business operations.

The ECM software product implemented by the mentioned chemical company was made available by our team as both a web and mobile app, providing real-time visibility into warehouse operations from anywhere, at any time. The mobile app has been particularly helpful for warehouse supervisors, who can now monitor and manage their teams remotely. 

The implementation of the ECM software has been so successful that the company is planning to further scale it up. They have identified their largest warehouse as the primary focus for scaling, as it is the most critical part of their operations. With this expansion, they hope to achieve even greater efficiencies and reduce costs further.


The implementation of ECM software has provided the chemical company with significant benefits, such as improving warehouse service management processes, enhancing their decision-making capabilities, and providing real-time visibility into their operations. With the software’s success, the company plans to continue investing in the technology to achieve even greater efficiencies and improve its bottom line.

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