Tamara Gazo

Meeting Master has become an essential tool in the operations of the General Secretariat of Banca Intesa ad Beograd, being the focus point for organization of several most important boards and committees.

Meeting Master stresses the importance of team work and enables colleagues from all of the Bank’s departments to participate in uploading documentation for meetings for their heads to check and confirm it. The General Secretariat verifies and corrects everything, and finally the members of the boards/committees review the material and vote for items on the meeting agenda. As stated, Meeting Master represents an excellent and easily manageable tool that incorporates the whole process of organizing Bank’s committees, starting from the moment of proposing the resolution until its final approval. After the meetings, Meeting Master also stores the entire meeting archive, including the signed decisions, thus presenting a secure and well-organized database.

The application provides a fully designed and well thought-out system for adequate organization and management of corporate governance in the Bank.

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