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One of the main challenges for sales representatives while they are on the field, is having access to the necessary data to close the sale on the spot. Activities such as checking the availability of stock in each warehouse, finding the current prices and discounts for the specific customer, and creating sales orders directly from the customer’s location are crucial for the sales results, however not always possible.

What is GET Field Sales Manager?

GET Field Sales Manager is part of the GET Supply Chain Management Suite and it is a standalone Android application that connects your sales force seamlessly with your ERP system (eg. SAP) and giving them access to the right information when they need it the most.

How GET Field Sales Manager helps your sales representatives?

  • Gives you real-time information about the stock situation in each warehouse
  • Quickly creates new sales leads and sales orders in a standardized manner
  • Reduces the use of paper and outdated documents (product catalogs, price lists)
  • Reduces phone calls and double work for validating data or creating new sales orders
  • Provides insights about your sales team performance… (reporting)

What features GET Field Sales Manager brings you?

GET Field Sales Manager equips the sales agent with a pallet of tools, in order to quickly and efficiently perform his work and close the deals.

  • Stock management
    • Real-time stock information (availability, packing data)
    • Offline mode for non-accessible locations
    • Multiple price lists and currencies
    • Stock reservation from multiple warehouses
  • Sales actions
    • Sales order creation
    • Requests for product returns
    • Route planning – Hodogram
    • Sales planning
    • Offline order creation
    • Option for manual/ad-hoc discount up to a certain limit
    • Orders history
  • Contacts -CRM
    • Customer GPS marking
    • Customer inventory
    • Real-time customer data retrieval
    • Creation of new customers and multiple delivery places


On top of it, you get Financial Reporting!

On top of all other features, GET Field Sales Manager offers powerful reporting with actionable insights for the sales employees as well as for the top management.

  • Sales volume per months or year 
  • Comparative plan analysis
  • Total, due and overdue debts for the assigned customers
  • Daily performance report
  • KPI for each sales agent
  • Drill-down analysis of quantities ordered, delivered
  • Total product value
  • Agent Route tracking

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