Digitalize, Simplify, Automate your Warehouse and Supply Chain

In the fast-moving era of the Internet and smartphones, the customers demand quick delivery of their ordered goods and a unified experience, no matter if they order online or shop in the physical stores.
It is critical for the business to have a flexible and stable Supply Chain in order to respond to the ever increasing expectations and demands of the customers.

GET Warehouse Master (GET WM) is a web-based WMS (Warehouse Management System), and allows managing the flow of goods and information in the Warehouse and Supply Chain, enabling the digitalization and optimization of the business processes.

By using smart and customizable rules and algorithms, GET WM improves productivity and reduces unnecessary movements in the warehouse. Additionally, it allows multiple users to work simultaneously on processing the same tasks, which aims to shorten the duration of loading, unloading and other processes.

GET WM provides out-of-the-box management reporting for improved inventory visibility, real-time productivity, more insights and quick issue detection.

Standard processes and beyond

GET WM covers all standard warehouse processes and goes one step further, responding to the new business demands such as Reverse Logistics and picking path optimization.

It supports various business scenarios like dangerous goods and temperature regimes, and there are multiple options to track and manage inventory with lots, production & expiration dates and serial numbers. GET WM’s architecture allows an easy extension of the functionality to resolve customer-specific requirements.

Inbound ProcessingOutbound Processing
  • Standard & ASN Receiving
  • RF & SSCC Receiving
  • Gate Management
  • Quality status check
  • Directed putaway
  • Reverse logistics
  • Stock removal strategies
  • Automatic stock reservation
  • Multi-Order & Wave Management
  • RF picking
  • Exceptions handling
  • Picking path optimization
  • Staging area management
  • Gate management
Inventory ManagementCross-process
  • Physical Inventory & cycle counting
  • Tracking Lot, SKU, LPN
  • Shelf Life Expiration Date tracking
  • Serial numbers control
  • Stock replenishment
  • Dangerous goods & Temperature regimes
  • Handling Unit Management
  • Restrict & block locations and HUs
  • Multiple hierarchical structure levels
  • Multi-site and multi-client configuration
  • Mobile RF-based execution & barcode parsing
  • Exceptions management
  • Resources management
  • Multi-user parallel work
  • User authorization & access rights
  • ERP integration over EDI
  • Workflow & status management
  • Labels & Document printing
  • Real-time reporting


The same experience across all devices

All operations can be performed via a handheld device, PC or smartphone offering the same experience in each device and allowing the users to navigate and work without additional training.
The responsive design allows the application to adapt to the screen size, making the best use of the available space.
GET WM is completely web-based, so there is no installation needed on the working stations, reducing maintenance and administration costs.

Integrated Service Management

The warehouse users can report issues and exceptions directly from the application, leading to increased productivity and shorter waiting time for problem resolution and clarifications.
With a single click, a user sends a screenshot from any device, alongside with the last-scanned barcodes (as a storage bin, handling unit) for easier troubleshooting. It can be also used to report issues with hardware or 3rd party systems.

The 360° Warehouse overview with issues visualization gives a real-time notification of the reported issues and the key users can immediately start with problem-solving, which reduces overall problem resolution time.

Intuitive Configuration

GET WM allows you to adjust your operations as your requirements change. Easily configure your warehouse, with the simple and intuitive configuration menu, without need for time-consuming software adaptation projects.

The warehouse structure consists of multiple hierarchical levels to better map the physical and logical separation.

The rich article master data gives you the ability to organize and adapt processes and system behavior. Simple and configurable Printouts Management for all required warehouse labels and documents.

Real-time Insights

GET WM allows you to see the big picture and make well-thought decisions, by offering out-of-the-box management & operational reports.
You can monitor the productivity of each working station, see where the bottlenecks are, and take corrective actions.
The users get full traceability of handling units in the warehouse and easy-to-follow tracking of movements and changes.

Key Benefits

  • Increases inventory visibility & accuracy
  • Improves productivity & inventory throughput
  • Increases space utilization
  • Reduces picking travel distance
  • Gets you a real-time access to stock and order information
  • Gives you a 360° Warehouse overview with issues visualization
  • Enables a simple configuration by key users
  • It is ergonomically designed for warehousing
  • Reduces operating & system costs
  • Provides you with quarterly system upgrades with new functionalities

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